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Financial Leader Discovers New Growth

SmartAsset is a trusted financial tech brand that
empowers people to make smart financial decisions
with financial calculators, tools, and content created by
personal finance experts.

Our Assignment

Create a full-funnel marketing strategy that enhances
user growth while increasing revenue

The Results

Each media channel achieved revenue growth of 275% on average.

We developed and tested over 40 landing pages and 1,000 creative assets.

Provided consultative direction on CRO strategy.

Helped to facilitate 10 strategic partnerships.

Rapid Finance

Business Lender Strategically Diversifies

Rapid Finance is a leading online financial services company that offers flexible funding solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. Having provided more than $2 Billion in business financing nationwide, Rapid Finance’s industry-leading marketplace lending platform helps small business owners choose the best capital solutions for their business needs within hours.

Our Assignment

Build a marketing program to reduce dependency on
3rd party lead providers and work towards a sustainable
internally-driven marketing program.

The Results

Increased PPC more than 250%, while lowering lead costs.

Launched and tested 15 new advertising platforms.

Established a real-time data environment including visualtization.

We developed and tested 5 landing pages and over 300 creative assets.

Fintech Product Launch Done Right is the only company of its kind to be founded
and run by leading credit experts, including journalists,
authors and consumer advocates.

Only provides consumers with a customized
view of their credit standing and an actionable plan to
improve and maintain their credit.

Our Assignment wanted support with a go-to-market
strategy for an innovative new credit product,

The Results

Designed the overall media strategy for launch

Achieved brand exposure with over 60B impressions.

Signed-up more than 5,000 new users in the first year.

Created and managed a real-time analytics environment to monitor progress.

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What People Are Saying

A little first-hand feedback from people that have worked with us in the past.

Bryan H

Over the last few years, Stringo Media has proven to be highly adept at leveraging the Outbrain platform to drive performance for their clients. We're excited for our continued partnership going forward.

Bryon Friedman

Kailo was having cost challenges driving awareness via Facebook marketing heading into Q4. Stringo offered a YouTube awareness strategy that performed. It helped grow our search channel, email, and drove direct incremental sales. We’re still using that strategy effectively today!

Brian Murphy

Working with Stringo Media has allowed us to scale our direct sales while gaining insightful marketing insights. I can honestly say, we are in good hands.

Jarret D
LendingTree, GoHealth

Don’t work with Stringo Media. They’re not for you. I want all their attention on my own campaigns and my own initiatives, because unlike most agencies – they get things done and actually achieve ROI positive results at scale. So just keep moving along, and go to a bigger agency, where you’ll get fancy reporting and elaborate QBRs. Leave Stringo, and tangible, monetary results - to me please.

Andrew B

Their data driven approach to native media buying has lead them to be a strong and knowledgable performance advertiser across our network.

Brian Bourque

Stringo Media has been a great partner to us, providing valuable support and insights to our direct response marketing efforts.

Andrew D

I trust in them to design and execute our paid strategy. This has created a nice lever that we can pull for growth.

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